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Ts & Ps to all the golf course superintendents out there after seeing this PGA Tour video of a decimated driving range

June 03, 2022

As the old PGA Tour saying goes, "These guys are good." But to get—and stay—that good, they have to practice. A lot.

That's why even during tournament weeks, tour driving ranges are packed with players warming up ahead of their rounds or working on stuff after. Sometimes way after in the case of Bryson DeChambeau, who definitely leads the tour in strokes gained after dark.

Not surprisingly then, these guys also do a lot of damage to these practice areas by taking thousands and thousands (and thousands) of divots. But if you haven't seen one in person, the following video might shock you. The tour tweeted out a video on Thursday evening of a decimated range at Muirfield Village, and, well, have a look:

Not a lot of green left there, huh? And there's three days left of the tournament. Also, it doesn't look like the world's best players are all practicing the best method of divot patterns. J.R. Smith will NOT be happy.

Ts & Ps to Muirfield Village superintendent Chad Mark, who is tasked with keeping that range—as well as the entire golf course—in great shape for all the members, in particular a certain 18-time major champion. Heck, Ts & Ps to all the superintendents and greenskeepers out there. I can't even keep my own backyard looking green—and it's about the size of one of those big brown patches in the video.

Anyway, be nice to the people keeping your golf course in shape. That's a tough gig—especially when the tour comes to town.