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We regret to inform you that the indelible image of Week 0 was just an optical illusion

August 29, 2022

Week 0 is officially in the books. It was wet. It was wild. Nebraska lost on a different continent, Austin Peay’s QB had NFL scouts drooling with his blue-chip athleticism , and couches across this great football nation were piled high with chip crumbs once again. But the indelible image of Week 0—the most unforgettable and viral moment of college football’s 2022 soft opening—belonged to Duquesne Dukes offensive lineman Greg Poland, who racked up over four million views simply by hiking his trousers up to their appropriate pre-war height. Feast your eyes on this absolute specimen.

If you don’t love FCS ball and Week 0, get right the hell out of here and don’t come back. GO ON, GET! For the weekend warriors that remain, there is unfortunately some bad news. As it turns out, ol’ Pantaloons Poland’s 15 minutes of fame may have been nothing more than an optical illusion.

First off, we appreciate the Tiger reference. Second, this is heartbreaking stuff. One minute you think you’ve found America’s Next Top Hog Molly—a sartorial icon destined to become BRADY brand’s brightest new underwear recruit. The next you realize it was just your eyes playing tricks on you. Talk about a letdown. We won’t let that dampen our spirits, however. Thanks to Poland, big uglies from Portland to Portland are hiking up their slacks and getting to work. College football has come round once again, and whether the dungarees are high-waisted or low-cut, we’re happy to have it back.