Go Birds

Eagles fan proposes to girlfriend after shotgunning beer in parking lot, she says yes, everything coming up Philly

November 03, 2022

It’s one hell of a time to be alive in Philadelphia. The Phillies are in the World Series. The Eagles are 7-0. The weather is crisp. The hoagies are hot. Hell, even the Flyers aren’t a total, abject embarrassment. Love is most definitely in the air, and it ain’t all brotherly, as evidenced by this adorable Birds bachelor who is going viral for the most Philly marriage proposal since Rocky and Adrian.

Awwwww. Recently we saw a shirtless Islanders fan get shut down in cold blood in front of the entire arena, but here it’s a resounding Y-E-S, YES, YES YES (or rather E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!). If that doesn’t symbolize the differing fates of these two sports towns at the moment, we don’t know what does.

That said, there’s a lot of season left. We’re rooting for the kids, but the Phillies just got no-hit in Game 4. We’ve seen Eagles “dream teams” before. Nearly half of all marriages in America end in divorce. Things could still go spectacularly wrong. Or maybe not. Maybe the Phillies take down The Mattress Macks and Jalen Hurts reels in a Philly special of his own. Seems like a longshot, but in the immortal words of Huey Lewis, that’s the power of love.