Phillies fans registered a seismic event during Tuesday night’s nuke fest against the Astros

November 02, 2022

On Tuesday night, the Philadelphia Phillies shelled Houston Astros starter Lance McCullers Jr., touching him up for five homers, six hits, and seven runs in just over four innings of work. It was evident to everyone in the universe not named Dusty Baker that McCullers was tipping his pitches, but the Philly faithful didn’t care one bit, losing their collective, inebriated hivemind as ball after ball soared over the fence and into baseball history.

As you can plainly see, Citizens Bank Ballpark was ROCKING, but that only tells a fraction of the story. The reaction to Kyle Schwarber’s 443-foot fifth-inning nuke to dead center—which ultimately chased McCullers from the game—was so intense that it registered on a nearby Penn State seismograph built in part to detect earthquakes. Yes, earthquakes.

Here’s what it looked like to the baseball nerds …

… and here’s what it looked like to the actual nerds.

Forget greasing the light poles. If Philly goes on and wins this thing, they’re going to have to brace the tunnels and close the bridges. That’s a long way off though. The Phillies are riding high at the moment, but something tells us the Astros still have a few earthquakes of their own to unleash.