Phather's Day

This Phillies father celebrating Bryce Harper’s HR while on babysitting duty might be the world’s new No. 1 Dad

October 26, 2022

Get those blank coffee mugs, bumper strikers, and novelty t-shirts ready, folks. It appears we have a new contender for World's No. 1 Dad and, against all odds, he is a Philadelphia Phillies fan. Take it away, dude.

If you’ve yet to know the joys of parenthood (or a winning baseball team), this is how it’s done in the big leagues. Most dads would simply set the DVR and accept defeat when slapped with babysitting duty during a potential pennant-clinching Game 5. But this Phanatic refused to settle. He made sure to get a secure grip and a soft landing zone in place in the event of something crazy happening, which of course it did, because, you know, playoff baseball.

He also knows his own limits. He knew, as Harper’s ball soared to toward the fence in left center, that he wouldn’t be able safely contain himself, so he quickly deposited the precious cargo, unleashed a “LET’S GO!”, and scooped up his progeny again in one fluid motion, offering a kiss to the forehead for comfort while simultaneously dropping a 100 decibel f-bomb. What mom don’t know can’t hurt her.

With credit dealt where credit is due, we would recommend different parenting arrangements for Game 1 against the Astros, however. The NLCS is one thing, but the World Series is a whole different ballgame.