Mack Attack

Infamous 71-year-old whale Mattress Mack nearly got in a fist fight with Phillies fans at Game 3

November 02, 2022

Tuesday night was not a great night for Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. The 71-year-old whale best known for staking huge money on the Astros’ various World Series campaigns, stands to win a record $75 million should the ‘Stros beat the Phillies in the Fall Classic. There’s just one slight problem:

Nobody expected the Phillies to be this pesky.

Mack was in attendance at Citizens Bank Ballpark on Tuesday to watch his beloved ‘Stros get shutout 7-0 in a Phillies home-run fest that was over before it even began. The look on Mack’s face as Bryce Harper got the party started in the first inning pretty much says it all.

That’s a tough scene to be sure, but things got even tougher as Mack made his way toward the exits after the game. If you’re a road fan in Philly, you have to remember to bring your hard hat, but Mack apparently didn’t get the memo. He forgot that these were grandsons and grandaughters of the very folk who once booed Santa Claus, and he let it get the best of him. Shouting a barrage of f-bombs, Mack was seen trying to step to a group of able-bodied Phillies fans who would have happily ended his golden years early and washed down the elder abuse with some Cheez Whiz had cooler heads not prevailed.

All in all, it was a pretty stupid moment from Mack, but we can’t blame him for being a bit stressed out. He reportedly has $10 million wagered on the Astros to win, a hedge against a promotion at his Houston-area mattress store promising full refunds for customers who purchased luxury mattresses should the 'Stros prevail. In the past year alone, he has also whiffed on the Bengals to win the Super Bowl, Alabama to win the National Championship, and the Astros to win the 2021 World Series. The guy could really use a win right now ... but he sure as hell isn’t going to find it in a fist fight.