124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Poor S.O.B. fires 121 (including 16 double bogeys) in Canadian Open regional qualifier

There’s plenty of ways a weekend can go wrong. House work. Yard work. Work work. There’s flat tires, nasty colds, crippling hangovers and, of course, wasting three hours of your Sunday watching 11 losers blow a double-digit fourth-quarter lead on national TV. It’s a minefield out there—a veritable banana peel slip n’ slide for the exhausted put-upons of earth who ask for nothing more than 48 hours of non-misery a week.

For many, that reprieve is found on the golf course, bonding with friends and connecting with Mother Nature. But even that can go horribly wrong, as this hapless Canadian Open qualifier found out Memorial Day Weekend, carding 16 double bogeys (16!!) enroute to a comically brutal 121.

Listen, we’re not here to kick someone while they're down. The golf gods have already exacted their pound of flesh (and then some). But let’s not sugarcoat it: This poor sap had no business being out there. This was a regional qualifier for a PGA Tour event, not some annual buddies’ scramble. Maybe their mother complimented them too much. Maybe they showed up to the wrong place on the wrong day. Maybe it was just a fantasy football punishment. Tough to say, but at least they made a single par.

That won’t be enough to salvage the weekend, but it’s something.