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Watch a Memorial Day golf fight that featured exactly zero punches landed

May 30, 2023

Summer holidays are like mini Christmas mornings for golfers, an extra opportunity to hit the course. Unfortunately, everyone else shares this attitude so those courses get absolutely packed, often with the most casual of golfers. And as a result, you can get mired in (extra) slow rounds and come across tensions running hotter than the weather. It's no surprise then that a fight could break out one one of these days, and this Memorial Day certainly delivered.

We don't know who was involved in the fight. We don't know what caused it. We don't even know where it took place. But what we do know is that, fortunately, exactly zero punches were landed despite a LOT of screaming and yelling.

The two main characters may have made a bit of contact with a push at the start, but as is the case with most of these viral golf course "fights," there's not a lot of actual fighting. Have a look:

Not surprisingly, many of the comments focused on the two men's age—and the one big swing and a miss. "Seniors are getting after it, glad no one pulled a muscle," someone wrote. "That left hook slower than dial up Internet" wrote another. But our favorite comment? "Telegraphed that left. Waze had an eta of 2 mins." Nailed it.

"You're lucky you're f---ing alive!" the man who whiffed on the left-hand hook appears to shout. "Yeah, I'm lucky," the other man replies. "What, are you gonna f---ing kill me or something?"

Fortunately, things didn't reach that level, because, again, zero punches were even landed. Anyway, just another lovely (holi)day on the golf course. Be safe out there.