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The craziest golf course fights we've seen (so far)

May 29, 2023

There’s nothing our readers seem to enjoy more than an on-course golf fight. Even if, well, there isn’t much fighting. Typically, the videos that go viral include a lot of hooting and hollering, but rarely any actual hitting. Hey, they’re golfers, not lovers for the most part. Most of these situations seem to involve slow play—and we suspect some involve alcohol—but whatever the reason, golf fans are fascinated by these contentious interactions.

In recent years (thank you, camera phones), posts involving these public squabbles have consistently been some of our most popular. And when a new one pops up, the old stories pop as well. So we decided it’s finally time to put together a convenient collection of some classics that would make Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker proud. To be clear, we’re not condoning this type of behavior out there—and in all these cases we can (kind of) laugh because no one was seriously hurt—but like with a fender-bender on the side of the road, we understand it’s hard not to rubberneck when you come across one. So … enjoy?

We start with a classic of the genre, possibly the first such post we published that really exploded. It came from Colorado, and we’ve dubbed it “The Fistfight at Fossil Trace”:

Fast forward seven years to a wild scene in Florida that included punches(!) and kicks(!!). Well, failed kicks, that is:

You could also argue it featured a failed ranger, but hey, that dude’s not getting paid to break up a bunch of idiots. However, a ranger wasn’t necessary in this one, which featured some of the weakest fighting we’ve ever seen:

Things can get a bit more dangerous, though, especially it seems in South Africa. This fight at a school outing that apparently stemmed from one golfer accusing another of stealing his phone wound up with one guy getting his shirt pulled off and then coming back by wielding a flagstick:

And another wild scene in South Africa took place at the 19th hole, involved accusations of cheating and led to someone being knocked through a glass window:

The moral of the story? Be careful who you call a sandbagger. But while that happened post competition, check out the wild shouting match between two golfers during the club championship at Cranbourne Golf Club in Australia. And we know it's the club championship because at one point, the older guy screams, "This is bullshit! This is the club championships!" When tempers finally calm down, that guy winds up completely duffing his next shot and going into full tantrum mode:

Classic. Also classic? The FUHGHEDABOUTIT overheard at the end of this heated exchange at Eaglewood Resort & Spa in Itasca, Ill., after one golfer picked up another golfer's ball after he hit into his group (always a good way to start a fight):

And one final lesson (for now): If you're going to get into a fight on the golf course, make sure it's not with former MMA fighters like what happened at Bailey Ranch in Owasso, Okla.:

What are the odds?! That's a tough break.

The guys in this one from Memorial Day 2023 are definitely not former professional fighters. Have a look at a huge whiffed left hook that both participants should be glad didn't connect:

But one punch in the following video definitely connected to produce the most vicious knockout we've seen yet:

Don't worry, a subsequent video showed the other guy getting up. And then there was the dude who ripped off his shirt, delivered one of the wildest lines ever, and certainly looked like he wanted to start a fight over a golf ball:

Turns out, according to the New York Post, he has "an extensive rap sheet." So probably best to stay away from that dude if you see him out there.

Anyway, we're sure we've missed some, but those are the ones that have generated the most buzz on our website. At least, for now. We're guessing this won't be the last time we add to this list.