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The Lions had a perfect response to the Buffalo Bills moving Sunday’s game to Detroit due to snow

November 18, 2022

As you’ve probably already heard, the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns are both headed to Detroit this weekend after the NFL moved Sunday’s game out of the path of a historic lake effect snowstorm, depriving us of perhaps the single greatest snow game in NFL history. If early returns are any indication, however, they made the only decision they possibly could have.

With New York Thruway closed and upwards of four feet of snow expected in the Buffalo area, there are now questions about whether the Bills will even be able to get the hell out of dodge, but should they be able catch a flight (or dog sled), they’ll receive a warm welcome in Detroit, where the Lions have already opened the doors and put a pot coffee on.

Chef’s kiss. The social admin who crafted this perfect response deserves a raise and $50 Outback Steakhouse gift card in their Christmas stocking. It remains to be seen how many members of Bills Mafia will actually be in attendance on Sunday. The tables might actually be safe. Detroit might not have to burn the sheets. Well, at least until Thursday. In a funny twist of fate, Buffalo will play two consecutive games in four days at Ford Field, facing the Lions in the Thanksgiving early block on Turkey Day. Mi casa su casa, as they say in the Motor City.