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Buffalo Bills dance to "Can't touch this" during practice, are your new Super Bowl favorites

January 07, 2021

Any questions about Josh Allen's ability to be a franchise quarterback have long been answered thanks to an MVP-caliber season in which he guided the Buffalo Bills to a 13-3 record. But his ability to LEAD a team has really shown through in recent weeks and has nothing to do with his gaudy stats.

First, it became known that Allen not only provided his offensive line with golf clubs for the holidays, but golf lessons. A generous and genius gesture given how much team-building golf can provide on its own.

And in Thursday's practice ahead of Saturday's AFC Wild Card game against the Indianapolis Colts, Allen kept those good vibes going by leading his squad in dance to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." Have a gander:

You love to see it. Is there anyone not rooting for this team in the NFL playoffs? Add this to the recent team snowball fight and Buffalo might just be the Super Bowl favorites.

It should be noted the 1990 hit is a fitting anthem for a team that hasn't been this good since Jim Kelly led Buffalo to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances beginning that year. Anyway, do you think Old Man (Philip) Rivers is showing this kind of LEADERSHIP in Indianapolis right now? Think again. Bills by a million on Saturday.