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Holy hell, look at Bills Mafia welcoming the Bills back home after they clinched their first AFC East title in 25 years

December 21, 2020

On Saturday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills decimated the Denver Broncos 48-19. The Dolphins wouldn’t play until the following day but it didn’t matter: For the first time since 1995, the Bills were AFC East champions. Take a moment and drink that in Bills fans. Tastes sweet, don’t it?

But clinching your division on the road with no fans in the stadium doesn’t have quite the same feel. We’re not saying the Bills didn’t earn it or weren’t thrilled. They did. They were. But the enormity of the accomplishment wasn’t fully clear until the Bills touched down at Buffalo Niagara International in the wee hours of Sunday morning, where seemingly the entire Bills Mafia football family was waiting for them, flags aloft, Labatt flowing, screaming their frickin’ faces off. Sorry mom, sound way the hell up for this one.

There’s no way to see something like this in the year 2020 A.D. and not immediately have the words “super” and “spreader” pop into your head, but we’ll try to focus on the good parts, which is literally everything else. This fanbase has frozen their asses off for two-and-a-half decades waiting for a team worth cheering about. Now that they finally have one, they’re making up for lost time. Oh and speaking of freezing your ass off, temps in Buffalo early Sunday morning were hovering in the low 30s. That’s practically St. Barths for most Bills fans, but still nothing to sneeze at (but seriously, please don’t sneeze.)

Next up for the Bills? The number-one overall seed in the AFC. The chances for that plunged below 1% after Chiefs outlasted the Saints on Sunday, but if Bills Mafia can survive being powerbombed through a flaming fold-up table on a weekly basis, then anything is possible.