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Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula risking life and limb to film a team snowball fight is the wholesome holiday content we need

December 17, 2020

On Wednesday night into Thursday, New York state got slammed by Winter Storm Gail. A Nor’easter-style system with driving winds and heavy precipitation, Gail produced New York City’s biggest December snowfall in nearly a decade, dumped a whopping 40 INCHES on Binghamton, and even reached as far west as Buffalo, where snow is so common this time of the year it’s hardly even worth mentioning. It was there, however, that the 10-3 Buffalo Bills produced our favorite snow day clip of the season, hosting an impromptu snowball fight on while owner Terry Pegula filmed the whole thing, giggling like a school boy. You unironically love to see it.

How many owners in the NFL are going to be out there in the snow with boys, risking life, limb, and a slushball to the moneymaker for some wholesome social media content? We could count them on one hand and possibly even a single finger. But Terry was, whipping up holiday cheer with boyz, even at the expense of some inevitable cornerback trash talk.

Thanks for your sacrifice, Terry. Now go get dry and have your assistant get you a cocoa. We’ll take it from here.