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Brooks Koepka showed up to Celtics-Heat on Wednesday night (virtually, of course)

September 24, 2020

Across the golf world, the big dogs are catching some much-deserved Zzzs. The Tour Championship is a wrap. The U.S. Open has a fork in it. From here until mid-November it’s about all tuning up for the Masters, and the sports’ best and brightest are hitting the hard reset before the stretch run. Tiger opened his new course with a light-hearted yuck-a-thon. DJ and Paulina are on a boat. But perhaps best of all was Brooks Koepka, who kicked off his stay-cay on Wednesday, Zooming in to watch the Celtics take on the Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Could anything be more Brooks than spending his precious downtime on the couch in a hoodie watching a lo-res stream of himself watching basketball? That’s a rhetorical question, folks. And frankly you gotta love it. Brooks’ entire brand is not giving a single f-bomb about anything outside of majors weeks, and he is absolutely walking the Jeff-Lebowski-in-jellies walk here. No yachts. No Jack Nicklaus photo ops. No thongs (though you wouldn’t rule that out.) Just good, old-fashioned guy stuff.

Our only quibble is Brooks' claim that the Heat are his team over a month into their bandwagon-packing postseason run. Sure, Koepka was born and raised in West Palm Beach, but the last time we saw him at an NBA game was at Staples Center with his girlfriend draped in purple. Come on, Brooks you can’t have both . . . and with the way things are shaping up, you’re running out of time to pick a side.