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Brooks Koepka addresses viral thong pic: "I was trying to pretend like I was some Instagram model"

January 29, 2019

Even with three major championships under his belt, Brooks Koepka feels he gets overlooked. But the PGA Tour star quickly learned that taking off that belt and replacing it with a purple thong draws plenty of attention.

While enjoying some time off in the Maldives with a crew that included girlfriend Jena Sims, Dustin Johnson, and Paulina Gretzky, Koepka posed for this scantily-clad photo that quickly went viral (WARNING: Brooks' bottom is nearly on full display):


(OK, HERE IT IS. . .)


Geez, Brooks. If we knew you were that desperate to get invited into the media center. . .

Anyway, Koepka was asked abutt, err, about the photo in Tuesday's press conference ahead of the Saudi International. Here's the full (monty) exchange with a reporter:

Q. Sorry to be the one to bring it up, but can you talk us through the pictures last week and did you get a bit of ribbing on that?

BROOKS KOEPKA: We had a great holiday. It was fun. Me, Dustin, Jena, Paulina, my caddie and Jill, so it was fun. We had a good time.

I mean, we always love. We're always goofing off and having a good time on holiday. I forgot who brought him they brought one for me and one for my caddie and just goofing off, just laughing.

I was trying to pretend like I was some Instagram model, you know, standing on my at this pointy toes because that's how the girls make their butts look good. I just didn't know you can't flex.

I saw a picture, I forget of who it was, a cartoon character wearing on and it was pretty funny. Got a good laugh out of it. It's all in fun. I enjoyed it. It made everybody laugh and I'm sure it made quite a few people that saw the picture laugh, so that's all it was for.

So to be clear, Brooks was NOT flexing. Got that, everyone? We don't want his derrière getting disrespected too.