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Brooks Koepka says he's working on his "six-pack," re-stokes the flames of golf's best feud

April 09, 2020

Being on lockdown has caused many PGA Tour pros to discover new hobbies, from brining meat to conjuring trick shots involving swimming pools. But Brooks Koepka is keeping it simple and using the time off to work on his core—and continue the PGA Tour's best feud.

Remember when Bryson DeChambeau called out Koepka for not having "any abs" in his ESPN Body Issue shoot? And then Brooks fired back with a photo of his four-pack of major championship trophies? Good times—especially, you know, because we weren't even thinking about a global pandemic then.

But now Brooks has returned to distract us from that by re-stoking the feud flames with DeChambeau. Koepka posted a video on his Instagram story with those four shiny beauties in the background and the opening line, "As many of you know, I do not have a six-pack. I only have four." Boom. Roasted. Himself. But not really. Check it out:

Well played, Brooks. Good luck in your pursuit—and please keep the random daggers coming. We could all use the entertainment.