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Our 12 favorite things about Tiger Woods' stay-at-home Masters Champions Dinner

April 07, 2020

Finally, a social media meal post with substance.

If this was a normal Masters week, Tiger Woods would be celebrating his 2019 triumph at Augusta National on Tuesday night by hosting the annual Champions Dinner. However, these are not normal times, which is why the 15-time major winner, like the rest of the world, is hanging out at home with his family.

But that didn't stop Woods from toasting his win in style, as evidenced by this photo posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts:

The rare instance where the Internet produced something of merit. Forget tales that vaccines may be on the way; THIS is the light our country desperately needs.

In fact, we couldn't contain our joy to just one observation, so here's 12 of them.

1.) For those planning a wedding, don't spend any time fighting over center pieces. You're not beating Tiger's sterling replica of the Masters trophy.

2.) Tiger's smile, which 100 percent says, "That's right, I won the %&*#ing Masters."

3.) Tiger going full Don Johnson with the T-shirt/green jacket combo.

4.) Dog looking at sweets.

5.) Dog looking off camera.

6.) Dogs.

7.) A glimpse of Tiger's backyard golf layout, instilling instant envy to those trapped in an apartment. Or just general envy for, you know, OWNING A GOLF HOLE IN HIS BACKYARD.

8.) Seriously, need the number for Tiger's landscaping guy. Gardening is immaculate.

9.) The stay-at-home beard. We've seen worse.

10.) SO many desserts! Too many, in fact. There's an 80 percent chance "Should we be concerned about Tiger's diet?" is something "First Take" will tackle tomorrow.

11.) The fact the finest table settings are out for a dinner that appears to be fajitas and sushi.

12.) In all honesty, the genuine happiness emanating from the family. Tiger Woods went through hell. So is the world right now. Doesn't mean we can't stop and still smell the roses.