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Blonde Moment

Brooks Koepka dyed his hair blonde and you’ve never seen Golf Twitter scramble for their phones so fast

January 27, 2022

It’s only Thursday and we already have HUGE golf news out of Torrey Pines. Partly because The Farmers Insurance Open decided to start 24 hours early this year, and partly because Brooks Kopeka went full-bore, flat-out Pamela platinum.

There’s either something in the Jupiter water or the PIP is the government-funded psy-op we've thought all along. EIther way, the move, especially from a guy who has spent the last two seasons as the tour's own resident Eeyore, sent shockwaves across our crazy little corner of the internet. We don’t know how long it will last or if it will have any material impact on Koepka’s game, but as Brooks himself says, blondes have more fun, and on Wednesday afternoon, Golf Twitter was a lot of fun.

We even laughed at some tweets from our [heavy sarcasm alert] dreaded mortal enemies Golf dot com. Nothing brings golf together like a box of Just For Men.

The Slim Shady gag was a popular one across the aging millennial market ...

... but as always, all roads led back to Tiger.

So what convinced Koepka? What magical stroke of inspiration or bout of mad genius told him to take the bleach-blonde plunge? We can only speculate …