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Brooks Koepka addresses rumored Ryder Cup 'scuffle' with Dustin Johnson, current status with Bryson DeChambeau

February 24, 2023

David Becker

Golf fans were treated to a very candid—and tortured—Brooks Koepka last week when Netflix's "Full Swing" dropped. And on Thursday, they learned a little more about what's going on with the four-time major champ, including his thoughts on the new docuseries.

"I thought it was interesting," Koepka said during an Instagram Q&A with Smash GC, his LIV Golf team. "Obviously, when you do something like that, it never shows the full picture . . . a lot of stuff wasn’t seen, but it is what it is."

But those same fans will certainly find Koepka's comments about a couple of his highly publicized relationships with other tour pros even more interesting. Let's start with that big feud with Bryson DeChambeau, which looks cute in comparison to the rift we've seen at the top of pro golf over the past 12 months.

In case you don't remember, the two U.S. Open champs traded subtle—and not-so-subtle—verbal jabs over a two-plus-year period that included the hardest eyeroll in golf history. With both dealing with injuries and the shifting landscape of pro golf, this rivalry—which even included a made-for-TV (grudge) match—has simmered down, though, something that Koepka confirmed.

"Believe it or not, we squashed it," Koepka said. "We’re good. I actually talk to him quite frequently because of what’s going on here at LIV. Pretty much on an every-other-day basis. So we’ve got a good open line of communication. We’ve figured it all out and we’re good."

Apparently, guaranteed contracts cures all. And same is the case with Brooks and Dustin Johnson. At one point, the two stars comprised golf's most powerful bromance, but they haven't seemed as close since a rumored "scuffle" at the 2018 Ryder Cup in Paris. Koepka addressed that as well:

"Yeah, this one makes me laugh," Koepka says in the video. "We were just horsing around, messing around. We were in the European team room. We were just having fun. We actually went out in Paris later that night so if there was a scuffle it wasn’t too bad. Just horsing around, it’s what guys do. But we still play a lot of golf when we’re back home hanging out with each other. So no issue, and he’d say the same thing."


There you go, folks. Just horsing around. Because that's what guys do. Again, hard to stay mad at anyone when you've got $100-million-plus contracts to play golf.

Anyway, Brooks, Bryson, and DJ are all getting the 2023 LIV season underway on Friday at Mayakoba. And if you're disappointed about a lack of tension between them, well, there still promises to be plenty of drama between the LIV and PGA Tour guys at the majors this year.