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British Open 2023: Brian Harman chugs beer out of the claret jug, is officially the Champion Golfer of the Year now

July 24, 2023

In the aftermath of Sunday's final round at the 2023 Open Championship, we learned that Brian Harman can't wait to get back home and celebrate with his new, orange tractor. Oh, yeah, and also with his family. But as he mentioned during his claret jug victory speech, there's another, more traditional way he planned to enjoy his first major title.

"First I'm going to have me a couple pints out of this here trophy, I believe," Harman said, finally getting the crowd at Royal Liverpool fully on his side. And judging from this video from Sunday night, Harman didn't waste any time doing just that:

Well deserved, Brian. Especially after a long day of playing (great) golf in the rain, we can only imagine how good that tasted.

So what was Harman drinking from the claret jug? Well, it looks like there's a glass of champagne on the table, but also a mostly-empty mug of something much darker (and not chocolate ice cream like John Daly famously ate from golf's oldest trophy). So we're guessing there's some Guinness in there. Oh, and also, there was this exchange between Brian and a reporter at his winning press conference:

Q. Curious, do you have anything specific in mind that you're going to drink out of that jug?


Q. Tonight?


Yep, mystery solved. Good for you, Brian. You are now the Champion Golfer of the Year, and as Cameron Smith was tearfully reminded of last week, you've only got a year before you have to give that special trophy back. So drink up.