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British Open 2019: Try not to laugh at this tour pro falling on his butt in a bunker

July 18, 2019

A tour pro fell on his butt hitting a bunker shot on Thursday at the 2019 British Open, but we will keep his identity secret to save the golfer and his family from embarrassment. Kidding! It was Justin Harding. Sorry, Justin.

We've seen everything from a hole-in-one to snowmen to former champs hitting the wrong golf ball on Day 1 at Royal Portrush, but there was nothing quite like this. To be fair, Harding drew a bad lie in a deep pot bunker, but still, it's impossible to watch the highlight lowlight and not laugh. Here's the hack—and tumble—that went viral:

Poor guy. Even Golf Channel was taking shots at the 33-year-old South African.

But again, how can you not laugh? The only thing that would make that clip better would be to dub the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme song over it. Someone with more web skills than me get on that, please. In the meantime, be careful in pot bunkers, people.