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The best Labor Day sales and deals going on right now

* In partnership with adidas. All products featured on Golf Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.*
Updated on October 11, 2023

Labor Day is synonymous with the conclusion of summer, back to school, and the fleeting hours of sunlight. In a few short weeks, fall will be here and we'll have to mourn the end to another summer golf season — but luckily retail therapy has our backs. End-of-summer sales are here, and we have rounded up the best transitional pieces that are essential for the awkward in-between temperatures that this time of year will bring on.

Depending on where you live, September into October brings temperamental weather. In the morning it'll be a brisk 60 degrees, by lunchtime a sweltering 85 degrees before cooling down again in the evening, leaving you in a daze of confusion about how to dress for all four seasons in one day. The tried-and-true fall golf essentials vary from sweaters to vests, but you can never have enough of the basics like polos and a good pair of pants to see you through. Shop smart this Labor Day weekend, by looking for items that are trans-seasonal and wallet-friendly.


No matter the season, a classic collared golf shirt will never go out of style. Breathable polos are a staple for the summer months, but as fall approaches, you'll need something that is easy to layer, and made of thicker fabrics to keep you warm. If mid-layers feel too bulky for you, consider adding a long-sleeved polo to your wardrobe this fall. A variety of golf shirts for men and women are on sale this weekend for Labor Day for you to stock up on.


One of the best articles of clothing to layer with in the fall is a sweater or crewneck. They are easy, functional, and still allow for plenty of wiggle room so that you don't feel as restricted as you would in a jacket. Transitional dressing doesn't have to be complicated, these golf sweaters and crewnecks are timeless and versatile no matter your on-course style.


In our opinion, vests are like parsley on a plated dish at a restaurant, they add a necessary bit of pizzazz to any fall fit. Vests are often a forgotten layering option, but if you're looking for a non-restrictive mid-layer, look no further—not to mention they are more likely to be more affordable than a lightweight jacket or windbreaker. Knit or quilted, cropped or slim-fitted, there's a vest style for everyone.

Pants and Shorts

Some people will cling to shorts season for as long as possible, while others are ready for a bit more coverage. No matter your poison, you can never go wrong with having a go-to pair of shorts or pants that are comfortable. One of our favorite ways to create a juxtaposition with bottoms is by being intentional on the top. For fall fashion, pair your shorts with a long-sleeved golf shirt or crewneck for a bit of dimension. And there's nothing more classic than a crisp polo styled with a nice pair of pants.

Dresses and Skirts

Wearing dresses and skirts in the summer is as easy as breathing sometimes, and that doesn't have to stop just because fall is almost here. Adding layers and longer hemlines that offer more coverage will help keep these dresses and skirts in your rotation for a bit longer.


Loafers and athletic sneakers rank among the best and most popular shoes to sport during the fall — and lucky for golfers those two styles are replicated for on-course wear. When it comes to finding the best shoes for the end of summer/early fall, be cognizant of the materials used and colors. You'll need something durable (finding something waterproof wouldn't hurt) but don't be afraid to get a little bolder. Shoes are also an excellent way to spice up your look with colors and textures. Outerwear offerings don't typically have the brightest colors or patterns out there, so an eye-catching shoe is a smart way to add personality to your look easily.


So, you may be wondering, "What does tech have to do with fall transitional staples?" But hear us out, your body experiences different aches and pains when temperatures drop. Cold weather can tighten your muscles and joints, causing a limited range of motion and a lack of flexibility. The full-sized Theragun is $200 off this weekend, giving us the perfect excuse to splurge a bit on this popular wellness item to stay loose and ache-free proactively. Combine this at-home therapy with your new fall layers to keep your body at ease.

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Editor's Note: A previous version of this story was published in partnership with adidas. It has since been rewritten with new sales and deals by our editorial team. All products featured on Golf Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.*