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Best Eyewear For Golf

Protection and style are important for eyewear, but visual acuity on the course is an undervalued component in athletic lenses.

Oakley's Prizm technology filters colors to provide better distance perception, grass-texture differentiation and more precise reads on the green. The Prizm Golf lens is available in an assortment of Oakley frames. The EVZero Path is one of Oakley's lightest frames, featuring a rimless design for an unobstructed view. Bubba Watson has been seen wearing the Flak 2.0 design. For a less-performance-looking frame, the Crossrange XL model is trending.

Under Armour's eyewear line is expanding to offer technical features in a variety of styles and with remarkable comfort. The lineup is modestly priced in performance and all-purpose looks. You'll see a handful of caddies on the PGA Tour wearing the UA Octane this year. This model is designed to fit under a cap, and the screwless hinges add additional comfort. The UA Getaway is a modern addition to the eyewear collection with gray, green, blue or infrared lens options. A sweat-proof, removable brow blade allows for activity with comfort and style.


Craig Saruwatari

Golf performance: Oakley Prizm Golf, $140-$190
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Sport/casual: Under Armour, $75-$160
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