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Your hero of the weekend is this 18-year-old PBA pro (sorry, Hideki) who drilled a 7-10 split on TV for the first time in 30 years

Yesterday, Hideki Matsuyama became a legend, winning one of the most important green jackets in golf history as the Masters returned to spring and fans to its hallowed confines. He became a legend here and certainly in his home country of Japan, where the broadcasters could barely get through the call without getting choked up. But despite Matsuyama’s heroics, he is not your hero of the weekend. Not even close. That title belongs instead to 18-year-old PBA Tour pro Anthony Neuer, who bagged this genuine unicorn at the 2021 U.S. Open Sunday.

We see a green jacket handed out every year. That’s the first televised 7-10 split in three decades, and only the fourth ever captured on TV in bowling history. No offense, Hideki, but we’re taking the “Ginger Assassin,” as FS1 announcers referred to him, all day every day.

Oh, and speaking of announcers, this call is right up there with Hideki’s Rising Sun coronation and the Gus Johnson-esque explosion accompanying Miles Bridge’s throwdown on Sunday. In the history of humans rolling things at other little things, no one has ever been this excited about a spare. That much we promise you.

Unfortunately for Neuer, he would go on to lose to some guy by the name of Butturff (yes, really). Despite the loss, however, Neuer’s highlight will live on forever . . . or at least until 2051.