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Pete “Who Do You Think You Are, I Am!” Weber bowls tearful final PBA frame, drops F-bomb on live TV, has hell of a Wednesday night

Pete Weber is a gosh darn legend. The PBA Hall of Famer has 37 PBA Tour titles to his name, including 10 majors. In recent years, he racked up another eleven wins on the PBA50 Tour, bringing his grand title total, including regional tour victories, to a perfect 300 100. Add all of that to his infamous who-do-you-think-you-are-I-am outburst—the most iconic moment in non-Lebowski bowling history—and you have all the ingredients of a True Legend™. But while legends never die, they do eventually have to retire, as Weber did on Wednesday night, bowling his final PBA frame while choking back bittersweet tears of remembrance. Enjoy Del Boca Vista, you king.

But if you thought Weber, a maverick trapped in the body of an outlaw, was going to let the final image of his PBA career be a snotty, simpering spare, you were dead wrong. Instead, he joined the live FS1 broadcast a few white russians later to say his goodbyes, and, in classic Pete fashion, dropped a hard F-bomb on the unsuspecting kids at home. You can take the rebel off the tour, but you can’t take the tour out of the rebel . . .

And so ends one of the great runs in “sports” history. The Shooter McGavin of bowling—the actual Ernie McCracken—is officially done and dusted. It was a hell of a ride, and sometimes a bumpy one, but we can’t think of a better way to end it than how Weber did on Wednesday. Thanks for the f—king memories, Pete. It’s been real.