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Andrew "Beef" Johnston signs a man's beer belly, continues to be a fan favorite

October 10, 2018

Like "Linsanity" in the NBA, "Beefsanity" in golf didn't quite last the way fans hoped it would. After a maiden European Tour win in 2016 prompted an instant classic interview in which he said he just wanted to "get hammered," Andrew "Beef" Johnston was a breakout star at the British Open a few months later. His popularity traveled to the U.S. when he played in the PGA Championship the following month and he earned his PGA Tour card for the next season, but hasn't quite stayed in the limelight.

That doesn't mean he's not still beloved, especially in his home country. Playing at this week's British Masters, the affable Englishman won the pre-tournament Hero Challenge on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday, the man known for enjoying a pint or three signed a fan's beer belly. Have a look:

We're guessing the fan will eventually wash the "BEEEEEEF" off, but guarantee he'll be screaming that the rest of the week.