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According to Steven Adams, Steven Adams defecated himself before game-winning free throw

December 17, 2019
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Steven Adams is seven feet of sound bite. The Thunder big man has exactly two states: Saying what's on his mind and waiting for something to pop into his mind to say. On NBA free agency: "I don't keep up with that sh*t mate. I just show up and whoever’s on the team, cool." On his autobiography: "I didn’t write it...I can barely read." On drilling last night's game-winning free throw to down the Bulls:

We hope that Adams is speaking colloquially, not literally. And he probably is . . . probably. But still, it's fascinating (and refreshing) to hear a pro athlete admit to bowel-shaking anxiety in a decisive, game-ending scenario. If it were anyone else, you would get some boiler plate schlock about "executing" and "trusting my guys to go out and make plays." Adams is talking about soiling himself.

And honestly, we can't blame him. Tied 106-106 with the Bulls with four seconds remaining, Adams, a 51.5% free-throw shooter this season, was fouled. With the Bulls in the bonus, Adams stepped up to the line and BANKED the first free throw home. Talk about Clench City. Adams then missed the second, but the ball was tipped back out to him for the rebound and the Thunder escaped with the win.

The same, however, can't be said for Adams' dry cleaner . . .