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Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks launches one over the net at Topgolf. World Series back on

This is going to seem very silly to say, and should produce eye rolls nationwide, but it's not fun to be a New York Yankees fan at this very moment. After another World-Series-or-bust season ended in disappointment, the Yanks' front office has more or less sat on their asses and done nothing this offseason. Meanwhile, across town, the New York Mets and their shiny new toy owner Steve Cohen just traded for a shiny new toy shortstop in Francisco Lindor, giving hope to a fanbase in desperate need of it. 

That's given little brother a reason to yell and scream and dunk on big brother this winter, which is fine. We can let them have their little moment. But it's not all bad. The Yankees are still one of the World Series favorites. They still have Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gleyber Torres, a deep bullpen, etc. They also still have Aaron Hicks, who we all swear is one of the most underrated outfielders in the sport when healthy. 

Judging by this golf swing at Topgolf, Hicks is VERY healthy. Here he is sending one over the net (with one of those rinky dink Topgolf clubs, mind you), a carry of 330 according to his brother Joe, who took the video:  

An absolute MOON shot. Of course, it's not all that surprising given Hicks plays to a scratch, and might even be in plus territory now. But that's still mangled, and it's now a legend of the "baseball player sends golf ball into orbit at Topgolf" genre. Mike Trout, Nelson Cruz and Cody Bellinger paved the way, but we're not sure any of them sent it out of the park like Hicksy. 

What does this mean for the Yankees' season? Absolutely nothing, but Bronx Bombers fans were in need of something positive and Hicks hitting one to the sticks, albeit with a golf club, has served that purpose on this dreary Monday. World Series BACK on.