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There is a distinct possibility that Mike Trout hit this golf ball to Mars

Mike Trout is the type of natural athlete who could pick up just about any sport and be good at it. But golf is different. It has a way of humbling some of the most gifted athletes on the planet (looking at you, Alex Ovechkin). A way of making them look like the rest of us.

Mike Trout is not like the rest of us.

Case in point, this video of Trout at Topgolf posted by the official Twitter account of the Los Angeles Angels late Sunday night. The clip is closing in on 5 million views, and it ain't because the three-time AL MVP hit a shank. It's because he may have hit this ball to freakin' Mars:

Great odin's raven, that was an absolute PISS MISSILE. Remember when Twins slugger Nelson Cruz smashed one at Topgolf this past November? Yeah, that was cute.

When Trout calls it a career (hopefully that's not for a very long time), he might want to consider World Long Drive. Check out this position:

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 9.21.18 AM.png

Alright, so maybe that's not one your local club pro would advise, but all that matters is the result. And that result may have landed in the lobby of the Talking Stick Resort out in the distance. My favorite part of the video occurs right around the 0:06 mark, when whoever is hitting in the bay to the right of Trout hits their ball. It was a decent shot, but in comparison to Trout's it looked and sounded like it was hit with a Fisher Price club. As fun as it would be to be hitting next to the best baseball player on the planet, it's got to be a hit to the ego.