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Dynapower / Dynapower CARBON

Hot List Silver 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: Wilson’s team might have taken design advice from tour players looking for a slightly more compact look, but fear not, these traditional shapes, which include an all-titanium model and one with a carbon-composite crown, max out the performance characteristics average golfers appreciate. Those include a sleek, multi-thickness face for more ball speed on off-center hits, loads of internal weighting to improve forgiveness and a subtle draw bias non-professionals need more than they know. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Wilson used artificial intelligence to formulate computer models that varied the thicknesses across 25 sections and tested a thousand designs at a time. The finished product’s kaleidoscopic pattern stays within the U.S. Golf Association’s limit while delivering more ball velocity. Read more>>>

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Price: Dynapower $430, Dynapower CARBON $500
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Wilson DynaPower Carbon Power_Driver_Hero.jpg
Which One's For Me?
The standard model is built for extreme forgiveness, a higher flight and a neutral-to-draw bias.
Dynapower CARBON
The Carbon model’s lightweight crown lowers the center of gravity for less spin in a head that’s workable for better players.




Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
“The standard model has a pleasant, muted sound and is easy to get the ball up high and draw it—kind of idiotproof for anyone looking for help hitting a draw.”
Handicap, 15
"Easy to launch int he air. Has a nice sound of confidence at impact. Get a nice run out after landing which says the ball is coming in at the right angle. Clean crown and small alignment aid set you up to take a big cut at it."
Handicap, 8
"The carbon in the club creates a muted sound and denser feel. Very controlled misses."
Handicap, 2
Club Specs
Models Lofts Adjustable Head Size Dexterity Price
Dynapower Yes $430
Dynapower CARBON Yes $500

Wilson Dynapower

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