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WHAT IT DOES: The engineers at Ping like to say, “We don’t really drop things that tend to be working.” The G430 line continues to employ a heavy dose of forgiveness, stability and the aerodynamic efficiencies of turbulator ridges on the crown. But the G430 lineup further amplifies an ultra-forgiving design by introducing an improved variable-thickness face pattern and structural support for more energy transfer at impact. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Ping gets ample credit for the big things, like its clubhead stability, but it does the little things well, too. The G430’s face curvature, with less loft on the lower portion of the face, reduces spin so that weaker shots fly more efficiently. Read more>>>

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Price: G430 MAX $600, G430 SFT $600, G430 LST $630, G430 HL $600
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Which One's For Me?
G430 MAX
The MAX performs well on mis-hits and yields a higher ball flight.
G430 SFT
The SFT adds a second draw setting for increased slice fighting.
G430 LST
The LST is more compact and uses a carbon-composite crown to lower the center of gravity for the lowest spin and flattest flight.
G430 HL
The HL versions use a lighter shaft, grip and head to boost power and launch in slower swings.




Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
"Medium high flight with the Max. Very consistent. Super easy, almost impossible to mishit it. It really corrected any swing error you put into it. Even with light shaft the head seemed very stable and you always could figure out where the club head was during the swing."
Handicap, 6
"The Max felt easy to hit, so hard to miss any shot. Easy to crank it up and add speed because I knew the dispersion was so tight. A little higher launch than most but the spin stayed low."
Handicap, 14
"It is so pretty. There's a lot going on, but it works in harmony. nothing distracting. Feels very compact throughout the whole swing. Sound is subtle, but you easily can determine where you hit it. Easy to get it in the air and repeat a baby draw all the time."
Handicap, 5
Club Specs
Models Lofts Adjustable Head Size Dexterity Price
G430 MAX Yes Left Hand / Right Hand $600
G430 SFT Yes Left Hand / Right Hand $600
G430 LST Yes Left Hand / Right Hand $630
G430 HL Yes Left Hand / Right Hand $600

Ping G430

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