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Surviving the Hot List

What does it take to be a Hot List tester? We sent a documentary crew to the 2022 Hot List testing summit to capture the people, the drama and the secret sauce that goes into golf’s ultimate assignment.

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About the Hot List

Golf, we’ve heard, is booming. The problem with a boom isn’t that it goes bust. It’s that it gets going so fast you can’t keep up. Golf clubs are like that. From an innovation standpoint, clubs have been booming since the 1980s and haven’t let up. Today, the right clubs for the game you want not only exist but are more accessible than ever. We’re not talking about some collective “you” but you and you alone right there in your living room wondering where you can find another 15 yards off the tee, or four more greens a round, or, Lord, please, the end of three-putting.

After our extensive review and testing process, including player evaluations at the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite, Nev., there are more clubs on the Hot List this year than ever. One (true) answer is that they’re better than ever. Another explanation is more complex. The best golf clubs we have identified—138 Gold and Silver medalists out of 289 considered—matter because they resonate, adapt or discover ways to optimize each golfer’s potential, not just via more shafts or adjustable wrenches or even the undeniable and strongly encouraged benefits of custom-fitting.

No, designers know the number of golfer types goes beyond the two categories of tour professional and everyday golfer. Before this equipment technology parade passes you by, stop sitting on the sidelines and hoping. Get into the Hot List and start learning how the game you want can be had with the clubs in these pages.