3 Reasons Why You Need New Irons

If you’re thinking of re-gripping your irons for the fourth time, it’s time for new irons, here's why.

Players Irons

“Who are you? Who, who, who, who? That song lyric by the rock band The Who is a fitting start to your iron search. As clubmakers continue to splinter the market into several categories—for the Hot List, we group by Players, Players Distance, Game Improvement and Super Game Improvement—it’s important consumers are honest with themselves about what they need from their irons. Is it a hint of forgiveness with the workability, thinner topline and sole width that appeals to better players? Are you seeking to regain that lost half-club to Father Time without using something that resembles a shovel? Perhaps it’s a slightly bulkier iron that offers enough forgiveness to let you reach the front of the green on a slight mis-hit. Or maybe you’re relatively new to the game or don’t possess the skills others have. Iron sets with wide soles and thick toplines—or even all-hybrid construction—can provide you with the confidence you need. So, who are you? That’s a question only you can answer. Once you figure it out, the following pages have an iron set just for you.