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Whether you’re an aspiring tour pro or just trying to break 90, Titleist has provided irons for each in recent years. The T200 iron straddles the line between those extremes. It has an appearance that appeals to better players and performance features average golfers will love. The T200 is without question technologically ambitious. A forged, high-strength steel L-face wraps around a portion of the sole to create more rebound. To assist off-center hits and to create more air under shots, an average of 90 grams of tungsten is placed in the heel and toe of the middle and long irons. However, collaboration between Titleist’s club R&D team and its ball R&D team led to the technological hero of this iron. A spherical structure called “Max Impact,” a lightweight silicone polymer that is positioned directly behind the face’s impact area, allows for a super-thin face. Furthermore, the support improves the way the face gives across a broader area, allowing for more consistency from shot to shot. For those seeking a more rebellious look, the company offers the irons in clubheads with a high-polish black PVD finish with black shafts and grips, too, that give you a 1-up advantage at the bag drop. Read more >>

Price: $175/per iron
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Look / Sound / Feel




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Player Comments

A rising ball flight delivers consistent results with the bonus of pin-holding backspin. Elegant look, too.


Sleek, classy, stylish. A crisp feel on good shots and not harsh at all on the mis-hits.

Club Specs


7-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 43 degrees

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