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When you have a proven club, you take what you have and make it better instead of starting from scratch. That’s the case with Cobra’s King Forged Tec irons. Cobra builds off the success of its previous Forged Tec model, retaining features like the groundbreaking Cobra Connect grip sensors that provide player analytics through the Arccos round-tracking system. However, improvements have been made to the clubhead. Cobra’s objective was to incorporate multiple materials to increase ball speed while maintaining its traditional shape and feel. The muscle-back shape is deceiving because it hides the fact that the clubhead is a hollow construction and uses the company’s L-shape, variable-thickness “Pwrshell” metal face (something not used in previous Forged Tec models) to boost ball speed. Inside the clubhead, foam is used to help provide the proper sound and feel. For those channeling their inner Bryson DeChambeau, a One Length model, in which every iron is the length of a 7-iron, is available as well. In the One Length, a 15-gram tungsten weight plug in the toe of the 4-through 7-irons and lighter shafts help with launch. In the wedges, heavier shafts are used to improve control. Read more >>

Price: $157/per iron
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Player Comments
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    The gorgeous bronze finish makes these irons as much artwork as golf club. Soft cushioned sound but a powerful, driving ball flight.

  • low

    Really long—maybe a half-club longer than some others. Excellent turf interaction that allows you to slide the club through and get the ball in the air.

  • mid

    Love the look of copper-colored head. The ball really jumps off the face. Consistency from shot to shot.

Club Specs


7-iron: 29.5 degrees; PW: 44 degrees

Club Specs

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