Callaway X Forged
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Callaway X Forged Review

Callaway X Forged
Callaway X Forged
Callaway X Forged
Callaway X Forged
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The Verdict: The adage that there are few new ideas, only new execution, rings true here. Calling it a "reincarnation" of its X Forged from 2013, Callaway brings its newest ideas to the proven form of a five-year-old, single-piece forging. Trajectory (higher in the long irons, more controlled in the short irons) is managed by a weight pad in the back cavity, and a new groove design is intended to reduce fliers and improve spin control on shots out of the rough. The company's Apex Pro iron was a players iron for wannabes. This one is the real deal.
Loft: 7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 45 degrees
Street Price: Set of eight: $1,300
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Player Comments
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    The feel is much softer than in past years. You get a consistent ball flight that is mid to high.
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    Workable with a balanced feel. It's super easy to curve the ball.