RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Wilson Staff

Wilson FG Tour V6

Our Review:

Today's irons for better players focus on enhancing the seemingly incompatible traits of distance and precision. The FG Tour V6 balances these well, using multiple materials and loft-specific center-of-gravity movement. The 3-, 4- and 5-irons fuse tungsten into the low toe (12 grams) and low heel (eight grams) to improve off-center-hit stability. On the 6- and 7-iron, all 20 grams of the tungsten is centered low in the sole, helping to increase launch. The 8-iron through gap wedge don't use tungsten.
Specs: 7-iron: 35 degrees; PW: 47 degrees
Price: Set of eight: $1,000
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Player Comments
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    They're exactly what I look for in terms of ball flight, workability and consistency.
  • mid
    It has that old-school look that is short from heel to toe and frames the ball well.