Epon AF-303
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Epon AF-303 Review

Epon AF-303
Epon AF-303
Epon AF-303
Epon AF-303
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The Verdict: Low-handicap contrarians who revel in having others peek into their bag and wonder what they're playing should consider these. Though the sole is wider than most players irons, the topline is consistent with clubs in this category. The quality of the forging also is unquestioned. Founded in 1977, Epon is a subsidiary of Endo, one of the world's premier forging houses, meaning this is a cavity-back with plenty of playability combined with just enough weight low to get significant lift for those who need it.
Loft: 7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 45 degrees
Street Price: Set of eight: $2,600
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Player Comments
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    Feels like they have a V8—the engine, not the drink. Lots of power, easy to control and elevate.
  • mid
    My mis-hits seemed to go a little straighter. The head was stable through the ball.