Bridgestone Tour B X-CB
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Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Review

Bridgestone Tour B X-CB
Bridgestone Tour B X-CB
Bridgestone Tour B X-CB
Bridgestone Tour B X-CB
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The Verdict: The Tour B X-CB is an effective mix of classic looks and contemporary technology. The irons, forged from 1020 carbon steel, use a weight pad behind the face to enhance feel. They also offer more aggressive lofts for the category (the 6-iron is 28 degrees, about 2 degrees stronger than traditional) and a wider sole for forgiveness through the turf. The 10 no-upcharge shaft upgrades are a terrific bonus to a player group that pays attention to such things.
Loft: 7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 46 degrees
Street Price: Set of seven: $1,200
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Player Comments
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    These babies just jumped. I realized I could hit one less iron into a green.
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    The beveling on the sole helps you. It's like a rail on the sole. I could get down on them more and still hit it high. They did a great job blending the shape through the set.