RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Odyssey Golf

Odyssey Toulon Design

Our Review:

These custom milled putters feature cross-hatch grooves that, in conjunction with the head shape and face thickness, provide a crisp sound and feel. The face pattern also adds friction for improved roll. The traditional-looking Memphis and the extreme-stability Indianapolis let the user customize weighting with three sole-plate options.
Price: $420
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Player Comments
  • low
    If you like the "Star Trek" type speed off the face, it can be comforting. It sounds the same no matter where I hit it on the face.
  • low
    The Memphis has a classic mallet shape, very clean and it sits very square. The head is a bit small but overall I think people will love the way this putter sets up. This has a great little click at impact.
  • mid
    The face gave you good feedback, it's not too soft, firmer for the farther you go back. Rolls really well. I think the alignment works well but doesn't blind.
  • high
    The head is a bit small for me, but people will love how this putter sets up.