Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club


Titleist/Cameron Futura Series

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The lightweight aluminum forms the face and sole, allowing more weight to be distributed around the stainless-steel head. Most noteworthy is the Adam Scott-inspired 6M model, with weights in the extreme areas of the heel and toe to achieve the forgiveness you want in a mallet. A multimaterial layer behind the face helps reduce internal vibration.
Price: $380
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Player Comments
  • low
    I like how the insert bleeds into the bottom of the putter. The feel is solid.
  • mid
    Sits nicely on the ground. All the geometrical patterns work well together.
  • mid
    It's flashy but not over the top. I like the feedback you get from the face. When you're towards the middle it has a quiet, soft feel, but when you get off center it lets you know without being obnoxious. I thought the weights would be distracting but it helped me stay aligned.
  • high
    It's full of tech, but it's not intrusive.