Directed Force

Directed Force Reno

Our Review:

Try to get beyond the metal-detector-like looks. The belief here is that face-balanced putters add unwanted torque to your swing, forcing excess hand action to get the face square. The Reno stays square through impact because it's balanced to the putter's lie angle. It does this through the shaft's location relative to the head's center of gravity.
Price: $400
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Player Comments
  • low
    The ball starts on line every time. Great for a yipper.
  • mid
    Despite its looks, it feels natural. I didn't have a single mis-hit.
  • mid
    I like the way the grip keeps the hands ahead of the ball and you get a solid impact point. Honestly, as surprising as it is to say it, it felt natural.
  • high
    Effective alignment and has a nice pop off the face.