Evnroll ER7

Our Review:

Designer Guerin Rife's new project claims that a mis-hit up to three-quarters of an inch off-center will roll as true as a center hit. How? Channels in the face, narrowing toward the heel and toe, increase the contact area for mis-hits to give them more energy, all while creating an inward shape to guide them back toward the middle or target line.
Price: $360
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Player Comments
  • low
    The first club I've hit in which every putt rolled on line regardless of where I hit it on the face.
  • mid
    This has range from all over, like Stephen Curry on a basketball court.
  • mid
    Like the way the ball comes off the face. You get a lot of rollout and the ball tumbles easily. It's a good putter if you don't want to use your hands a lot and let the putter do the job. It starts out on a good line and stays there.
  • high
    Easy to line up and good, balanced feel. Very light sounding, not overbearing.