Titleist 716 AP2

Our Review:

Ever since the first AP2 in 2008, Titleist has produced attractive, sweet-feeling and forgiving forged irons. Add this one to the list. It has a traditional look with more than enough playability, and the tungsten weighting (25 percent more than in the previous AP2) is a clever means of placing weight in the low heel and toe areas. The weight adds stability on off-center hits and makes you feel like there’s some heft when you strike the shot. These are surgical tools that allow you to pick the course apart.
Specs: 6-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 46
Price: $1,200
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Player Comments
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    Inviting to play without the intimidating look.
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    You can go high, you can go low. It responded well to what you asked of it.
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    The 4-iron was easy to hit, which is a true test of playability.
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    Easier than ever to get the ball in the air. A 10- or 12-handicapper could play these.