Nike Vapor Pro Combo

Our Review:

“Forgiving” and “blade” don’t usually go together, but Nike has pulled it off with its Vapor Pro Combo. The look at address is pure players iron. However, the combination of a thin, high-strength steel face plus extra weight in the toe to keep the center of gravity in line with the center of the face brings plenty of heat on mis-hits. The True Temper DG Pro shaft completes the ensemble.
Specs: 6-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 46
Price: $1,100
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Player Comments
  • low
    Whatever they put in the back to dampen vibration works. Strikes on the toe still felt good.
  • low
    Even on the mis-hits there was almost no punishment. High forgiveness factor.
  • mid
    There was a lightness to these that made me feel like I could speed up my swing in the hitting zone.
  • mid
    When you made a decent swing the ball popped. Exceptional distance.