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Wilson FG Tour V4

Our Review:

This is a players iron that checks off all the right boxes. Clean look? Check. Easy-to-hit long irons? Check. Workable middle and short irons? Check. Good sound and feel? Check. The tungsten in the sole (18 grams in the 3- through 7-iron) helps launch the ball high with a steeper angle of descent to give your shots stopping power on approaches into greens. The extra mass behind the center of the face produces a powerful feel at impact, too.
Specs: 6-iron: 31 degrees; PW: 47
Price: $900
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    Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
  • low
    The turf interaction was impeccable. You have to hit way behind it to hit a bad shot.
  • low
    The FG should stand for ‘feel good.’
  • mid
    Sharp-looking club. Love the head shape. Very true to what a players iron should look like.
  • mid
    It ripped through the turf beautifully, and the ability to work it right or left was a bonus.