Titleist 716 CB
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Titleist 716 CB Review

Titleist 716 CB
Titleist 716 CB
Titleist 716 CB
Titleist 716 CB
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The Verdict: Titleist has hidden significant improvements in a visually pleasing shape. The latest CB is a traditional, forged cavity-back design that includes heavy tungsten forged into the 3- through 7-iron to more precisely locate the center of gravity to improve energy transfer at impact. Also, the pre-worn leading edge delivers the kind of playability a user of this kind of iron demands.
Loft: 6-iron: 31 degrees; PW: 47
Street Price: $1,200
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Player Comments
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    These irons are so much easier to launch than they look.
  • low
    They’re like teddy bears. These clubs just cuddle with you on the course. More forgiving than they look.
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    It’s the perfect club for a feel player—plus I noticed they’re a half-club longer than last year’s CB.
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    This is simple elegance. Understated and classic in design.