Instructional Video Library


Instructional Video Library

August 25, 2008

Pre-Shot Checklist

Lynn Marriott

Understand the external and internal factors that can influence your club selection.Watch the video

Pia Nilsson

Use the "Think Box" and "Play Box" technique to organize yourself as you step up to the tee.Watch the video

Krista Dunton

Learn how to carve your drives right-to-left for more distance off the tee.Watch the video

Carol Preisinger

How to get rid of that dreaded banana ballWatch the video

Nancy Quarcelino

Understand the benefits and techniques of using a hybrid to get your ball out of the gnarly stuff.Watch the video

Dana Rader

Ball stuck in the thick stuff? See a few simple keys to help you get the ball out and close to the pin.Watch the video

Suzy Whaley

Review grip fundamentals and learn a simple way to check yours.Watch the video

Debbie Doniger

How to check alignment at the practice range and on the course to save strokes.Watch the video

Cindy Reeves

A refresher on chipping fundamentals as well as an easy drill to hit solid chip shots.Watch the video

Cheryl Anderson

Learn how to prevent three-putts, as well as a simple drill to make you a better lag putter.Watch the video

Kellie Stenzel

Learn the secrets to hitting perfect pitch shots.Watch the video

CJ Reeves

Learn a simple putting drill to promote solid contact and make more five-footers.Watch the video

Cheryl Anderson

Don't panic in sand! Learn how to set up and get out of a bunker every time.Watch the video

Suzy Whaley

Learn how to use your wrists to hit the ball farther.Watch the video

Debbie Doniger

Learn the benefits and secrets to hitting solid approach shots with a hybrid.Watch the video

Kellie Stenzel

What's the correct way to read a green? Here are some things to consider when approaching your ball.Watch the video

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