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Underrated moments in golf history: Phil Mickelson turns a post-round TV interview into an instructional video

March 06, 2014

Leave it to Phil Mickelson to make a replay of a spectacular shot even better than the shot itself.

At the 2013 WGC-Cadillac Championship, Mickelson found his ball resting on a cartpath by the 17th green at Trump National Doral. What would Phil do next? Play the ball as it lies and get up-and-down for a birdie. Of course. What would Phil do after that? Turn his post-round interview on Golf Channel into an instructional video on hitting such shots. Of course.

"Pause it one second, Tommy, if you can," Mickelson said as he seriously tried to explain how to pull off that shot to TV viewers. Classic.

So to review, here are Phil's two main tips for hitting a pitch shot off a cart path:

1. Don't open the clubface. (Phil says "you'd have to be an idiot" to do that.)

2. Anticipate the ball "coming out five yards longer than normal."

Got it? Good. Now go out there and scuff up your wedges!