Looking to get a friend into golf? Start with our new video series, *How To Golf*


Walter Iooss Jr.

March 02, 2016

At Golf Digest, we like to think we can discuss the game you love at a pretty sophisticated level. We can talk about strokes gained/putting and a golf club's center of gravity, or spend hours debating the merits of putting on Poa annua grass versus Bermuda.

But not every golfer is so thoroughly versed in the game. And we know there are scores of prospective golfers who have simple questions like, "How do I make a tee time?" or "How do I keep score?" We love those golfers, too, and we want to help them.

Our new video series "How To Golf with Kathryn Newton" is for those players who might be afraid to ask a question about golf, for fear it's too obvious.

Ridiculous, we say.

Golf is a complicated game, and at some point every player had to navigate the pecular customs of a golf course for the first time. Newton is a TV star who you've seen in shows like "Supernatural" and "Gary Unmarried,” and she's also a plus handicap who we've previously dubbed "the best golfer in Hollywood." But what we like about Newton most in "How To Golf" is the disarming way she takes you through the golf experience, dropping knowledge without making you feel like a toddler in the process.

You can check out the series here, and you can count on seeing more video in the days to come. If you like the videos, be sure to pass along to a friend you're trying to get started in golf.

Chances are it will make the game less intimidating than ever before.